20 random facts about me.

I am just a normal girl who loves to share a lot of things and care enough to type everything =)

1) born on 23rd January, in Besut, Trengganu, Malaysia
2) introverted and literally a lone ranger, an INFJ
3) Black, pastel pink are my favorite colors
4) Tsumiki Miniwa (Acchi Kocchi) + Hazirah = TsumikiHajira

real Tsumiki <3
5) the youngest member of my family, a crazy young aunt to 4 nephews and 3 nieces.
6) I freaking love EXO, Red Velvet, and Blackpink. 
My ultimate biases are D.O., Irene, Jisoo and Jennie.
7) Diploma Creative Industry Management @ UiTM Puncak Perdana (2011-2013) 
Bachelor's Degree Animation & Screen Tech (2014-2017) 
8) hates fish and fishy things
9) loves android games
10) sentimental and judgemental
11) loves to sing and watch Korean variety shows, American/UK reality shows
12) KPop, RnB, Ballads, Pop, EDM music are my saviors
13) not a dandy person who likes to buy makeup + heels stuff
14) a little too lazy to update blog
15) currently in a relationship
16) loves doodles, henna art, abstract arts, hmm something deep, psychedelic
17) likes to stream YouTube (watching funny videos sometimes etc)
18) Favourite drinks = Milk green tea + Milo + plain water + mango flavored Calpis
19) Favourite food = maggi (LMAOOOO)
20) favourite animals = Cats, owls and lovebirds




Khairulsyarafi Ruang Monolog said...

haha, kelawar...
saya burung antu je

tsumiki hajira said...

ni kelawar bukan sebarang kelawar. batwoman of the night.

M H S said...

Hai bole tak email sy tips temuduga diploma animasi 👍🏻👍🏻 hakimsabaruddinx@gmail.com

tsumiki hajira said...

oh hai to you too, sorry for the late reply, boleh. next post akak share :)

shahir amirul said...

asalamualaikum.. prtama skali, sya x sngka kite ni asal satu daerah iaitu besut. di sini saya nak ckap yng sya mngambil course animasi di UNIMAS, first year. sya minat animasi, tapi sya x minat anime. mcm mna tu ehh? haha.. sya ad 4 pilihan mejor sbnarnye iaitu grafik, industry design, animasi dan fesyen.. boley bagi pendapat x?

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